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Readers Respond: Share Your Experience with Early Intervention in Nevada

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Are you a Nevada parent with experience dealing with early intervention in your state? Pass on your favorite resources, most effective strategies, and smartest parent-to-parent advice. Share Your Experience

Early Intervention in Nevada

When our youngest son Eric was born a month early, on Thanksgiving morning, into our family, our world changed. With no indications of any problems, he was a shock to everyone including our family pediatrician. The doctors at the hospital were not sure of anything other than “something is wrong.” They kept him in the NICU for the next two weeks. We rotated our schedules and lived there as well. At the end of the two weeks they said, “There's nothing more we can do for you. Take him home.” The doctors did not expect a long life span and said “Your son might be severely disabled and there is a high likelihood of severe mental retardation.” So we brought Eric home and called the Early Intervention Program. They filled a badly needed role by providing direction and support. They showed us how to work with him. It wasn’t always easy. There were many specialists involved, and many appointments to keep. There were times when little or no progress was made, and times when new proproblems were discovered. We were encouraged by caring service providers and other parents who had similar experiences to keep trying, and not give up.
—Guest Dan Dinnell

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Share Your Experience with Early Intervention in Nevada

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