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Readers Respond: Share Your Experience with Special Education in Iowa

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From the article: Special Education in Iowa
Are you an Iowa parent with experience dealing with special education in your state? Pass on your favorite resources, most effective strategies, and smartest parent-to-parent advice. Share Your Experience

Special Education in Iowa

Participation of parents is heavily discouraged at EVERY step of the process including: Suspected Disability, Evaluation/Reevaluation, IEP, Implementation, and Receiving Special Education Progress Report, along with general education report cards. Parents do NOT get to be a part of decision-making processes. Parents are NOT informed participants (not that they get to participate anyway) yet parents ARE held accountable for ALL decisions the professionals make. FAPE is NOT provided in Iowa (infringement on parent participation and withholding of educational opportunity and benefit is provided instead). It's all systemically rigged from State to SEA down so nothing can be done. If pursuing FAPE tears a family apart, causing divorce, it's the fault of the parent who didn't pursue FAPE, NOT the fault of the State/SEA who write derogatory things about parents in State Standards which also leave out all sorts of pieces of federal law. PTI is told it's WRONG if it provides info to teachers and other professionals.
—Guest sheila7000

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Share Your Experience with Special Education in Iowa

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