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Readers Respond: How Have You Handled Head Lice?

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Tea Tree Oil Is the Best

When I was in high school I had a bad case of it and had such a hard time getting rid of them and keeping them away due to I have a lot of hair and long too. My mom tried everything under the sun and always did everything that she was supposed to do and nothing worked till one day my mom discovered Tea Tree Oil. After that I have never had any issues. I have always put the oil directly on my scalp and within 5 mins they start falling off. And I put a few drops in my shampoo and they will never come back again. Also it's safe to use on children under 2 which other head lice treatments aren't. It's also great for people who have bad odor problem too.
—Guest Mama2

Head lice

Coconut oil. I also use coconut Suave shampoo and cream rinse, then blow dry. They are gone every time. I spent three days nit-picking my granddaughter's head before buying another blow dryer and the coconut shampoo I always used. Could not believe it, they were gone in one treatment.
—Guest dacrmn

Helpful hint

I lint roll everything I can. I found a couple of eggs that way that were just about to hatch! We are currently dealing with a second case in two months. My daughter's class has had five notices sent home in three months!
—Guest stressedmama


My daughter has SPD and one method of making herself feel better is to hug everyone she can. I've had to deal with head lice on three separate occasions (not counting the time we THOUGHT they were gone, but they weren't). So I looked online and found an ad for NitMix, which is a blend of essential oils that makes the head not smell like food to the critters, and supposedly even if they land there, they will starve to death. We mixed it with water and she sprays her head with it before brushing every day. Knock-on-wood, but 2nd and 3rd grade have been bug- (and pesticide-) free. Short of that -- comb every single hair at least twice a day for a week with a nit comb. Very hard for them to tolerate, so prevention is my method of choice.

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