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Readers Respond: What Are You Thankful For About Your Child With Special Needs?

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I've shared some reasons to give thanks for children with special needs -- now it's your turn! What makes you thankful about your child, or about your experience of special-needs parenting? Whether serious, silly, or sentimental, your thanks here will be a public testimony to our children's worth, something the wider world sometimes has trouble appreciating. Share Your Gratitude

God's Blessing

I am truly thankful for my son "Diamond." Major milestones he has reached. He has made me see life in a more loving, patient and positive perspective. He never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes it brings tears and other times it brings laughter. I am glad to be a special needs mother. :))
—Guest Ester

My son Christopher Lee

I am very grateful to have my 12 years old son who is autistic, he teaches me love and been happy always. I feel I am the one that is special needs and it is my son that show me the way. Thank you my dear son Christopher Lee.
—Guest Andrew Lee

Mom of Gianna

EVERYTHING! She was,is,and always will be Gods gift. We are truely blessed with her and by her every moment of every day. We love you G.
—Guest Ruthellen cannizzo

i give Thanks

I have custody of my grandson who is autistic. He is a nine year old twin. Isaiah has taught me how to laugh even during the hardest of times. He has been so sick most of his life but even on his sick days, he always find a way to make laugh. I know if no one ever finds it in their heart to love me again, I know Isaiah loves me. I know by the way he looks at me or just randomly holding out his arms to give me a hug.

They teach us so much

I am greatful everyday for my 12 year old boy/girl twins. My son has cerebral palsy, global developmental delay and a seizure disorder rendering him unable to walk and non-verbal but boy is he special. He is such a happy loving boy and his eyes tell all. No matter how many times I feel I have failed as a parent or that I could do more he loves me anyway and I do all I can. He teaches people so much, he certainly has taught me alot. His sister is great she is such a loving, caring and grown up young lady. I love them with all of my heart.

Every day is Thanksgiving

I am thankful for every single day with my precious daughter. We were told she would likely not live to see her 1st birthday and we are closing in fast on her 4th, each moment is a gift from God.
—Guest Michelle

Blessed to have inspiration

It truly is a blessing to share our stories of pride, love, sometimes a little frustration, but always compassionate feelings toward our special children! I love Kira, my 4 yr old with DS, so much that my heart aches and swells with the joy that God has given my family. I've learned more about myself than ever before! I am so thankful to experince life with her and I will continue to pray for each family member who has similar challenges to face. But take heart, because within every special challenge there lies a unique gift that can be shared to inspire us all!
—Guest DonT

thankful for my special needs child

I will never have to worry about my son hurting anyone or anything. He will always love me. He will always smile and worry about nothing. My son will never get a DUI.
—Guest marcena k

Proud of my baby

I am the mother of a sweet little four years old baby girl. She has taught me so many things about life. After her arrival I have changed a lot, now am a more calm person. she is always smiling and that gives us courage to overcome all obstacles in our path. Am so proud to be the mother of Medhavi.
—Guest sharmila

share your gratitude

Grateful for grandson Jake he is 9 and has autism. He is nonverbal. He says love you with his smile and eyes. Home is empty without him, he has been with me 6 years now. Sometimes he does something that I should be angry like blowing a packet of flour or get coated in my face cream but then I remember my nephew who had spinal injury, over 50,000 pounds was spent and nothing could be done so what is 17 cents for a packet of flour as long he is not hurt. Smile and when you remember smile again!!!

His spirit

My 8-year-old son has a beautiful and loving spirit. Like most kids with special needs, he works his tail off to get through that curtain that stands between him and the world. I'm so proud of how far he's come because I know that he's worked so hard to get there.
—Guest Jackie

My Special Girl

My daughter is 11 years old and has overcome so many obstacles. I am so thankful for my girl; she truly is a blessing! She keeps me grounded, focused, learning, caring, patient, and kind. Where would I be without her? I am all those things listed above but she has instilled those things deeply within me. I see the world clearer and understand my purpose in life so much more. My girl does the funniest things possible and what she sometimes says makes you stop and wonder where did that just come from. It is awesome to see her grow and prove others wrong about her. Doctors said she would never be able to do anything and yet she has come so far. She is able to walk, talk, dress herself, feed herself, make choices for herself, do homework, read, write, play, and is interested in sports!! Sometimes we are the most optomistic people in the world because we know what our children can accomplish; even if it is minute things. Thanks to all for praising every milestone reached and for believing!!
—Guest lele

Thankful for my Nazareth

I show and tell my eight year old boy everyday how thank full I am for having him in my life. Because of my child, I have become a better parent, friend, and co-worker. Parents with Special needs children are truly bless if the child is loved and understood.
—Guest Francis

specially sent!

I use to dream of this baby girl who was tiny and different.Then she was sent to me my beautiful daughter. She is eighteen now, I love her with all my heart !!!!!!!!!!
—Guest mom

grateful grandma

i am so thankful for Gabreial he is the love of my life always in my mind and heart.
—Guest juanita

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What Are You Thankful For About Your Child With Special Needs?

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