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Readers Respond: Tell What You Love About "A Special Friend"

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Are you a fan of "A Special Friend: Opening Up Conversations About Kids With Special Needs"? It's a finalist in the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards for Favorite New Special-Needs Children's Book, so tell your fellow readers why they should check it out and give it a vote. Share Your Enthusiasm

Mikayla, the illustrator is my daughter

I remember when Laura approached me about her poem, which then beecame this book. When I first read the very simple yet powerful words, I got goosebumps. And when she asked Mikayla to be the illustrator, Mikayla was thrilled to death. When it came all together, the smile on Mikayla's face ... I'm so proud. I happy that Laura and Mikayla can now help other children!
—Guest Mary Jane Crow

Great helpful book for the community

I think it's a great thing to have a book for kids by kids, and I'm sure the artist is very happy to see her work in a published book, and it gives hope to everyone who suffers from disorders and proves that they can accomplish anything they want to as well.
—Guest Chris

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Tell What You Love About "A Special Friend"

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