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Readers Respond: Tell What You Love About "Brynn's Bizarre Behavior"

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Are you a fan of "Brynn's Bizarre Behavior: A Look at 8 Year Old Brynn's Life with Tourette's Syndrome"? It's a finalist in the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards for Favorite New Special-Needs Children's Book, so tell your fellow readers why they should check it out and give it a vote. Share Your Enthusiasm


This book has been so needed for so long. Anything that helps the world understand those otherwise-gifted is a BLESSING! Thanks, Danica.
—Guest Abbie


Happy for someone to write about Tourette's and the emotions we go through. I am content in knowing there is a book I can share with kids about Tourette's so they can see what my teen lives with.
—Guest Maria Robinson

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Tell What You Love About "Brynn's Bizarre Behavior"

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