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Readers Respond: Tell What You Love About "Uncommon Beauty"

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Are you a fan of "Uncommon Beauty: Crisis Parenting from Day One"? It's a finalist in the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards for Favorite New Special-Needs Memoir, so tell your fellow readers why they should check it out and give it a vote. Share Your Enthusiasm

Must for Parents of Kids w/ Disabilities

What I appreciated about her book is that Margaret Meder comes out as a regular mom who is living through an extremely difficult experience and not a stoic hero no one can emulate. She grieved and cried and tells you it is OK to feel this way. She discusses antidepressants and sedatives and makes you realize parents must take care of themselves to not fall into pieces. She really believes in the saying, “Care for yourself first so you can be of help to those who rely on you.” She points out and often has the links to many agencies and professionals that can help families including social workers, spiritual services, early intervention services, respite services, etc. Margaret Meder successfully accomplished what she set out to do: write a book to make someone else’s life easier. She expertly wove their first seven years of parenting a child with special needs with advice, information, resource links, validation, ideas, and hope for parents who are starting their difficult years of parenting a child with complicated health conditions.

Jack Butterick

To Margaret Meder ... Courtney gave your book to Mary and me to read and asked us to give it to our library. We've done both. The Fremont (MI) Area District Library was elated to have your book to share with others, and tickled that it was signed by you and Evan. Mary and I do not have children of our own and we read Uncommon Beauty with interest and compassion. Once I started, I couldn't put it down. You've compiled an outstanding library of details re. medical care and your own emotions that will be of great help to others in a similar situation. Thank YOU! for sharing your experience with all of us.
—Guest Jack Butterick

Finally - the Book I Was Looking For

As the mother of a child with Apert syndrome (a diagnosis shared by Ms. Meder's son), THIS is the book I was looking for when my son Aiden was born. With practical tips and advice, and personal experiences interlaced throughout, Uncommon Beauty is an amazing resource for families learning to navigate their journey with a child having special medical needs. A must-read.
—Guest Taryn @ www.moreskeesplease.com

Great for ALL parents

You don't have to have a child with special needs to appreciate Margaret Meder's book Uncommon Beauty. It is written with true grace and touches on challenges most parents face. She is honest and true in describing her struggles ... and how her family strives to find joy amid struggle. A must-read for any parent -- it will open everyone's eyes to what they truly have in their precious children.
—Guest Sharon Verbeten

Supporting parents supporting children

Brilliantly and beautifully written, Margaret Meder's poignant book on the challenges she has faced in negotiating receiving high-quality health care for her child, Evan, is a must-read book for parents, families, health-care providers, and all who wish to support the most beneficial outcome for all children. Not only for the physical challenges but in her promoting optimal emotional well-being for children and their families. I highly recommend Uncommon Beauty, Crisis Parenting from Day One, and have finally found a gold mine of information and support for parents that until now has been sorely lacking. Peter C. Jackson, PsyD Clinical Psychologist
—Guest Dr. Peter Jackson

Awesome resource!

This easy-to-read book is truthful and optimistic. Margaret intersperses her personal experiences with her son's diagnosis with practical tips to help parents facing any child's challenging medical issues.
—Guest Chris Bivins

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Tell What You Love About "Uncommon Beauty"

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