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Readers Respond: Tell What You Love About "Mealtime Hostage"

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From the article: Runner-Up: Mealtime Hostage
Are you a fan of the blog "Mealtime Hostage"? It's a finalist in the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards for Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog, so tell your fellow readers why they should check it out and give it a vote. Share Your Enthusiasm

An Eye Opener

Through her blog, Skye has been able to educate not only parents, but health care providers as well. Not only are her posts well researched and thought out, but they give a rare and humorous insight into the often misunderstood world of SED/RFID.
—Guest Jen Logan

Mealtime Hostage is "from the HEART"

Mealtime Hostage is written from the heart of a mother that deals with a child suffering from ARFID (Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder). The amazing thing about this site is how much kind, tender loving and understanding this mother has given her child and at the SAME time, in a relatively short period, she's managed to do extensive research on the subject, bringing to light the issues associated with ARFID. In the process, she has helped MANY others that suffer from ARFID, including myself at 54 years old!! www.frenchfrylady.com
—Guest Marla Lopez

Provides needed awareness about SED

Mealtime Hostage is a superbly written blog regarding one family's efforts to learn about a child's eating disorder-Selective Eating Disorder. My own son has this and it has been a relief to know other parents are dealing with the same thing. There is nothing more heartbreaking to me than not being able to nurture your child by feeding them a variety of healthy foods, People think your child is just being "picky," but it goes WAY deeper than that typical toddler phase. People and parents of children with SED need to know about this blog! Also, judgmental people who have no idea what this disorder is like need to read it and learn that it is not because we give in to our child's whims regarding eating! SED needs more exposure so others can begin to understand it! I thank Skye for all of her efforts!
—Guest Poppy

Mealtime Hostage

Mealtime Hostage is very deserving of this award. She is honest, sincere, trustworthy. She has been an amazing help to myself and my family. Even though she has struggles with her own son and a very busy schedule, she never leaves a question unanswered. She has a wealth of knowledge and resources. I don't know where I would be without her. She has taught me how to take the stress out of mealtimes for my family. My son has been a much happier boy since I found Mealtime Hostage. It was a lonely battle before. She is definelty a shoulder to lean on, and has shown me I'm not alone in this challanging time.
—Guest Deb Nielsen

A bit of normalcy

I've been desperate for help for so long. Time and time again getting the same advice, and time and time again failing my child. Failing at progress. Finding Mealtime Hostage has changed everything. It's a relief knowing I am not alone. And not crazy. I have received such helpful tips and strategies that have already changed our behavior, tone, words and redefined "trying." It has given me the tools to make a plan to better my child's experience eating as well as make mealtime more enjoyable for our family, something we haven't had in 4 years!
—Guest Michelle

Who's afraid of the big bad plate?

Mealtime Hostage is not just a blog about a mom and her son. it's not just a blog about a child that has a special need. Mealtime Hostage is the journey of a family who struggle with Avoidant / Restrictive Food Intake Disorder, which goes beyond the "he's just a picky eater" or "it's a phase, he'll grow out of it." Instead of just dealing with it, this mom goes for answers and pushes to help her son. There's humor, and there's tears -- but there's also support and a willingness to help those who are like her son (or perhaps have loved ones like him) be able to not see food as the enemy, not dread the dinner plate and make peace with the meal. Come sit at the table, and enjoy the company.
—Guest Melissa Bein

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