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Readers Respond: How Do You Deal With Bullies?

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Has your child with special needs been bullied at school or in the community? What have you done about it? Tell your bullying tales and tips here.

How do you deal with bullies?

I created a plan with my son. We rehearsed it every morning. If he feels that he is being bullied by someone, tell the teacher until the teacher addresses it. If the teacher ignores him and the bullying continues, request a seat change. If the teacher takes no action in class, then ask to go to the office to call me. When I pick him up at the end of school, I ask about his day and determine if I need to have a conversation with the teacher or office on how they addressed the concerns of my son in their care. Now at the beginning of every school year at the meet and greet, I ask the teacher how they address the issue of bullies in their class and do they discuss it with their students. I inform the teacher of my action plan with my son. That lets the teacher know that I will hold them responsible for their actions in the classroom.
—Guest Pwillia


My FAS son was being bullied by another child in his class. It escallated to the point that C. showed up at our house and assualted my son! I called 911 and C. spent 2 days in juvie. I hope he is spreading the word among his buddies that I don't pull punches when someone messes w/my son!
—Guest Jane V.

We try to help our son socialize better.

One spring morning last year I found myself screaming into my rearview mirror, watching in horror as two teachers grabbed my son just before a bus drove past. After months of worsening drop offs, I was terrified and angry. Repeatedly he had been telling me he hated school and wanted to stay home, but gave no details. I called the school, AGAIN, siting that he would not be behaving this way if there wasn't something wrong. I didn't get much in response, but drop offs did begin to improve soon after. Over the summer, during a random conversation, my son told me how happy he was when some boys who were "really, really mean" to him didn't get to come to recess for "lots of weeks". Am I jumping to conclusions? This year, he is in a social skills group at recess, which I had requested last year. I am volunteering in the school more (spying), and I ask him specific questions about recess every day. And I pray that this was the worst of it.

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