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Readers Respond: Make a New Year's Resolution for Someone Who Needs It

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From the article: Realistic Resolutions
Never mind what you need to fix about yourself -- there are soooo many people in your world right now that need fixing more. Share your suggestions for how those folks might improve themselves. I've got ten in mind right off the bat -- what would you add? Give Your Advice

Get A Clue

For all the individuals in special education-get a clue. Do your job and you won't have to see me all the time. Get a clue about these special students and do them justice. Remember your commitment to ALL students and don't leave behind your integrity. Keep your mouth shut unless you have something worthwhile to say regarding these special students. If you are not in the field to better the lives of these children, please leave and dont give me your two cents. We are looking for productive, motivational, honest, hard working and dedicated individuals who want to see our special needs children succeed at school and in life. While making your new years resolution list, please do not forget these important details. We look forward to you taking a break and returning after the new year with renewed energy, enthusiasm and optimism to help our children grow, learn, accomplish, and meet their goals. We are tired of the excuses -- just get on board or go home. We need your commiment 100% of the time.
—Guest lele

Resolutions for my Family

For Granny (my Mom)--you should resolve to actually read a book about ASD rather than get all your info 2nd hand from TV. For Gramps--when your 2nd grandson tries to play or engage with you resolve to interact with him. Please don't ignore him or badmouth him in favor of your granddaughter. For Auntie--please resolve to understand that my kids are part of the family and may not fit into your decorator style life. I could go on with so many others from the so-called professionals who think they know my situation better to the respective specialists who didn't see the kids I did even though they were right in front of them, to the countless slack-jawed individuals who stare in stores or restaurants. Really? Have nothing better to do with your life at that very moment? May you all resolve to reserve judgement before I bestow upon you the gift of forced empathy by providing respite for me from 12-6 in the morning free of charge. As for me, I resolve to rely on God and humor more.
—Guest Mama Bear-NOS

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Make a New Year's Resolution for Someone Who Needs It

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