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Readers Respond: Awareness and Advocacy Events in the Month of May

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Do you know of a special-needs awareness or advocacy event in the month of May? Share information about a disability-related day, week, or month here.

Please add our Awareness Date May 2012

I am co-founder of a 501(c)3 non-profit, the International Autoimmune Arthritis Movement, committed to eliminating the adversity caused by autoimmune arthritis by raising global awareness, providing wellness alternatives, and uniting resources that will improve the quality of life for those affected by these diseases. This year, we have declared the first official World Autoimmune Arthritis Day, to be held annually on May 20th (during National Arthritis Month). Various events will be held throughout the day both at our Facebook site (https://www.facebook.com/WorldAutoimmuneArthritisDay) and on the official World Autoimmune Arthritis Day website at http://www.http://www.worldautoimmunearthritisday.org/ . Will you please add to your calendar of events? Thank you!

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