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Readers Respond: How Do You Fill an Easter Basket?

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If your child's on a restricted diet, filling an Easter basket can be a little more involved than just spilling in some jelly beans and plopping a chocolate bunny on top. Share the creative ideas you've had for making an Easter basket fun without sugar, food colorings and additives, specific allergens, or whatever other sweet treats you're steering away from.

Easter Bakets fillers

I tend to put very few sweet treats in my daughters (6yr old) basket but she loves fresh fruit so this yr I’m putting in some chocolate dipped strawberries and a note that some fresh cut cantaloupe was left in the fridge. Other items will be. Flip Flops, LeapPad Gift Card, Smoothie King gift card, New tooth brush/past/wash, Body wash/bubble bath, Outside gardening tools, Gardening gloves, Sun shades, cake decorating pens from Avon, Solar flower (Dollar Tree), a Umbrella and a new pair of earrings.
—Guest SonyaB


Since summer is around the bend we buy the kids their swim suits, goggles, new towel, maybe a game for the pool, and of course bubbles.
—Guest ruaner

Easter Baskets and Christmas Stockings

Toothbrush, Inexpensive Jewelry, Books, Pens/Crayons/Markers, Workbooks/Coloring Books...note from the Easter Bunny!

Easter Basket

I put treats in my kids baskets, usually some kind of healthier, organic fruit snacks (I usually don't buy these) and a little candy. I have to avoid milk, so I either make the chocolate bunny equivalent, like special rice crispy treats, or buy a special cookie from the bakery. Then I put a few special, small toys in their baskets, like a yo-yo, little notecards and pencils, a matchbox car, a Zooble, one of those little 3" princesses with the plastic dresses, bunny ears, books, etc. The Easter Bunny hides the eggs and their baskets, usually leaving clues behind him. I always have a little bag filled with a few more special things to help entertain them at Church and the inevitable family gathering that day. Things like activity books and sketch books, a small puzzle, magic kit or other dollar store-type items. This is from my hubby and I, and it comes out in pieces starting on the way to Church.

Other ideas

In the past, the "Bunny" has brought such things as: gift certificates (bowling, movie, etc.), sidewalk chalk, new sneakers, coins for piggy bank, video game, Easter themed book (good for church for little one), battery operated toothbrush, golden egg with $, Thomas train related items, new shirt (hung near basket for church), baseball cards, mini bubble bottles, flavored candy bubbles (you can "eat" them to pop them), coloring books and baseball mag for the older kid. This year, for the teen who still expects a basket--teen related body items (shampoo, body spray, deodorant--hint hint), phone card to recharge phone in golden egg this year. For the little guy, a DVD with obsession of the month to occupy him so I can cook dinner and sensory toys. Might even use a travel sized weighted blanket instead of the fake grass to line basket. Also plan on having extra candy to swap since family still doesn't get it that my kids HATE peeps.
—Guest MamaBear-NOS

easter baskets

I do put in some candy, but also a dvd of an easter themed story, books, put a dollar or two in a plastic egg....and I'm known for always putting in a toothbrush to scrub down the easter candy :-)
—Guest Matt's mom

Easter Baskets

The collectors enjoy Pokemon cards, video game cards, nail polish or lip gloss, make a "kit" for spa, for gardening with kids- seeds, pots, gloves, lego (those small sample sets), items for a project are always fun. Gift cards for Subway are always a hit, too. My kids always enjoyed getting new balls to play outside with. How about a pair of flip flops and items to embellish them?
—Guest debfjeld

Puzzle fun

In the past, I saw this idea and tried it. I bought a puzzle and put a couple pieces in each egg. Then we put it together after the hunt. It was fun! Be sure to choose either small pieces or bigger eggs.
—Guest cmcmom

For my girls

they love getting stickers, coloring books, cute pair of socks/footies (with design), books, markers/twistables, Littlest Pet Shop figurines. This year they each rcvd. an admission ticket for the Star Wars Orchestra show. Some years they get new pair of Crocs.
—Guest Lisa

Another list!

1. Kite 2. hair clips/bows 3. bow ties 4. sun glasses 5. pinwheel 6. seeds to plant 7. mylar balloon 8. bubble bath 9. use a hat instead of the basket 10. sandbox toys


My kids go bonkers over bubbles! Another great idea is sidewalk chalk or crayons and paper.
—Guest Sunday


I fill baskets for my parents and I put gift certificates for pedicures (for them both), small items from their favorite stores (lanyards, coin purses, pens, mechanical pencils, etc). This year they are building their forever house and retiring - my brother and I are thinking about going together and getting them a gift certificate for a piece of furniture instead of all the small things.
—Guest itzbess


Can put do-it-yourself bunny kit: eggshells with cotton balls and safe paint, instructions on how to do it, and also a message of what is the meaning of Easter, chocolates, and a stuffed chick inside an eggshell.
—Guest esther

easter baskets

I used to put new tennis shoes and little panties for the girls and socks for the boys.
—Guest sue hanson

Easter Bunny basket

I usually fill an Easter basket with batteries. After all, isn’t it a bunny that hawks batteries on TV these days? Duracell, maybe? You know, that bunny with the drum that keeps on going, and going, and going…. What else would an Easter bunny leave in your basket?
—Guest Earl Verbeek


I give flower seeds and sometimes small pots for Easter.
—Guest dyana56

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