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Readers Respond: What's the Nicest Thing Anybody Ever Said About Your Child?

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It's easy to feel hurt by the thoughtless and downright cruel things people say about children with special needs, but sometimes there's that considerate soul who says just what you need to hear, just what brightens your day, just what gives you faith that your child can find a way in the world. Share those comments here, to spread that faith around.

Nicest Thing Anyone Has Ever Said

I am a single mom of three, two of which are autistic. All three are mixed have P. Rican and Jamaican. The nicest thing anyone has said about my kids: OMG! They are gorgeous! I love hearing that! It almost brings a tear to my eyes... :-)
—Guest christina mommy to jay rain and kay

The Beastest of the Beast

One of my children's church boys was talking about my 5 year old son, who is autistic and hyperkinetic, and said (without knowing I was standing there) "Dude. Alex is just beast. The beastest of the beast. He totally rocks." There isn't much higher compliment from a 10 year old, trust me. ;)
—Guest Md

Sunshine Award

With the help of a software program, our son graduated as an honor student from a post secondary Tech School. At graduation he received the Sunshine award. Qualifications for this award include exemplifying the philosophy, that all people have the right to develop their talents to the fullest measure; accepting students at their own levels and assisting in their development towards their goals and encouraging others to develop respect for themselves and for the dignity and worth of every individual. The people that nominated our son for this award stated: “Despite having cerebral palsy, this student continues to smile at everyone he comes in contact with and he never wavered on the fact of being treated like a normal student. He is not the “normal student” he is much more than that. Those that do not know him have been cheated out of an incredible opportunity.” Oh, I do wish we had the software available in High School, but sometimes money rules.
—Guest monielynnk

Nicest thing anyone said about my child

I had a friend over for a tea party. Which for my daughter who is 8, means tea, sugar, creamer, cookies, served on a silver tea tray and using the good china. This was an event to be looked forward to and my friend was welcomed in even though she was, by my daughter's terms late. The tea party started at 3 and she arrived a few minutes after since she had never been to our home before. We had a lovely time, my daughter played hostess told us what tea to drink snacks to eat did the dishes, told us when we were done so she could she was the dishes and the best thing my friend could have said was she has kids, she hopes she has a daughter just like mine. No one has ever said that about her, she loved her quirky sense of humor, intelligence, leadership, and honesty and wants one just like her
—Guest Carla

School IEP meeting

It was the big meeting in 5th grade to plan goals for 6th grade. As usual, we heard some milestones for our son who has autism, but the school team tended to dwell on deficits & weaknesses. Then our beloved school OT--out of the blue-- said, "He is SO bright...& good with numbers, memorizing and decoding. I think you should look into Michigan State Univ. They train people to analyze & decipher encryption systems" (to transmit military, political, financial, or law enforcement-related info in code)...I had to go google it afterward! "He would be perfect for that program." We were BLOWN AWAY! Not ever had any school professional mentioned COLLEGE, future career or skill mastery like that. We know that college requires a myriad of skills, strategies, etc.--but we put no limits on our son & see college as an option. Others often just shut down on him. Her enthusiasm & support are inspiring. She sees beyond the label & the "quirks." God bless you, Miss Fran!
—Guest Tammi


My child has CdLS and just graduated from 8th grade as a full-inclusion student and got a standing ovation from his classmates ...made me cry! There is hope for our youngsters
—Guest caroline pardee


Last fall, at an Apple Pie Festival, a woman I'd never met said "I feel blessed just to be in his presence." She got it.

Like My Own Grandson!

Our sweet neighbor is now 94 and suffering from severe Alzheimer's, but when my son was first born, she could not get enough of seeing him, being with him and just enjoying him as he was. When we first moved in, she would often come over with flowers to brighten my walkways and share her stories of younger days. One day, she was weeding my front walkway, when my son decided to join her. She gently moved along, showing him how to do it, then gave him the smaller shovel and let him do it himself. I was so touched I took a picture of them working side by side. Before she left to go home, he reached over and unexpectedly gave her the first hug of many since then. When I took the picture over to my neighbor, she beamed with tears in her eyes and said, "I don't have any grandkids, and he is like my own grandson! His hugs make me smile!" Now she has "special needs" too but her honorary grandson's hugs still make her smile!!!!
—Guest momonamission

My Special Angel

I loved to take my little girl out,all dressed up,she had cerebral palsy,and I got to keep her in my arms her entire life.People looked as if I were lying when I told her age.But, At 3 yrs old, she was like a 4 month old,but not mentally,even her teachers said she was all there upstairs and had an special sense of humor,which we knew all along,but people tend to say its just moms perception.Her dr said that based on the MRI results,Celia should be having many seizures every day,even w/ phenobarb.With as much brain damage that had occured,she rarely had seizures.She was born Jan 2005,got seizures under control and with the exception of breakthrough seizures,She was seizure free from April 2005 until Dec 2006.And then she had a few more from then on until we lost her May4,2008.The few seizures she did have,it was a couple days at hospital then we would be back home.This seizure struck very different than usual.It made her heart and lungs stop.I miss that special world,I miss her more.ILY
—Guest brokenbutterfly


Many folks tell us we will be blessed for taking care of Robert. They just don't realize that he is the blessing God chose to give us. Why can't they see it?

You are awesome!

I volunteer for a camping program for children with special needs named Camp Caglewood and we had a camper on one trip who just kept showing everyone his muscles and yelling "I am Awesome!" He obviously had disabilities and it made people uncomfortable. He would just move on but I felt bad when people would just turn away from him. Then a business man whom you would never expect to pay any attention to the camper turned and looked at him and said "YES YOU ARE!, the Most Awesome I have ever seen!". that was enough to make that camper smile the entire weekend.

simply true

We were grocery shopping last month. A woman walked past obviously upset. She was a little rude when she went past. I said to her "Excuse me," she said sorry, bad day! My son looked at her and said "Wow mom! She is very pretty! I love her ponytail!" She instantly smiled and said what a special little boy! That's just what she needed to hear to make her day better! He felt so proud! We normally hear negative responses. We all had a good day!
—Guest susan

Mystical Comment

Years ago, we were on a long flight home from London (where we lived at the time) with our adorable young son. He did not have a diagnosis at that time but had developmental delays and did not walk. A man of Indian descent sitting nearby asked if he could hold our son and we obliged. He held him up high and said "he is a very special child." Somehow he knew and we've always wondered what he meant. Our son is very special indeed.
—Guest Randi, www.TheAdaptedLife.blogspot.com

A teacher once told me

That she looked forward to coming in every day to see Tyler. She connected with him on a special level right at the time he was diagnosed with autism. I knew from her encouragement and belief, and from my own experiences with him, that he was incredibly smart and if he could master language, his whole world would change. And it did. My son has been blessed with many teachers who have seen past his disability and made a difference in his life. I wrote a children's book about it, I was so inspired by his progress and wanted to give back to the teachers who helped him. I also hope Tyler's story brings hope to other children who have speech delays. Feel free to read Tyler's story here and post your feedback on my blog. http://web.mac.com/g.horgan.portfolio/iWeb/Site/Magic%20Word%20Box.html.
—Guest Gilda Horgan

My sweet love!

My son is 4 years old is in especial education,he loves be friendly and cute; his bus driver everyday day tell me "I have the best and the most sweet little boy and I'm so lucky get his kisses", he has developmental delays and speech delay; we're still looking for answers with the neuro; but what i'm sure I'm been blessed with my little smile face full of energy because God makes everything right and he send me one of his most cute and loved gifts in one body "my son".Nothing can make him sad like saying good bye to daddy or mommy when they go to their job. And everyone knows him or sees him get the best and cutes smile from my sweet love.
—Guest Angela

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