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Readers Respond: What Do You Do When There's Nothing to Do?

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How do you distract bored kids when you've got nothing to use but your clothes, your accessories, the contents of your purse or pockets, and whatever wits you have about you? I came up with 101 desperation-level amusements. Now it's your turn! Share Your Tricks


make 5 rows of dots by 5 rows of dots across and down on a piece of paper then draw a line from one dot to another don't let the other person make a square-- when square is made, then person's initial gets put in it!!
—Guest katie


You tally up the time. Then count some 5-10 minute tasks. Then break up your obligated stay quarterly. Then do reps of x y or z to fill said quarter. Then go sssllllooowww on the tasks and seem to finish faster.
—Guest will

Play Parlor Games, like Exquisite Corpse

Have everyone sit at a table together. Give each person a pencil or a pen to draw with. Start with a large blank sheet of paper, which is folded in thirds like a letter. Have the first person draw a head of any person or animal in the top section and then fold that down so the next person can't see it when you pass the paper to him. He will add the body the same way and fold it up before he passes it to the next player to add more to it. When everyone has drawn on the paper, open it up and show it to everyone. The laughs are as priceless as the masterpiece and it's a great leveler for those who think they aren't very artistic to see that no one else really is either, but together they can all create art anyway. TIP: Each artist should slightly extend the outside lines of their body part below the fold so the next artist can line up his body part.
—Guest Mary Jo Hutson

what to do...

Tell them how much they mean to you and do something that they want to do. Do it and tell them how much fun it was(even if it wasn't), that's true love.
—Guest Donald

More ideas

Tell arm stories - tell a story on your child's arm. Walk your fingers on the arm, jump with finger tips, "plow" with your fist for a farm story, little taps for rain, etc. Family Trivia - ask questions about extended family ie middle name of Great Uncle Johnny, How old is Grandma?, etc General Trivia - kids love to answer questions that are easy and hard.
—Guest Your Therapy Source

what to do when there is nothing to do

You find something in the kichen and mix food up together and act like you're a chef.

There is a deck of storystarter cards!

Here is a storytelling idea that really works well. Pass-Around Storytelling: The Shared Storytelling Game is a deck of colorful cards with great pictures. On each card is a 3-4 sentence storystarter. Underneath are a list of "think abouts" that can take the story in many directions. It is the powerful of storytelling that fits in your purse or pocket. 44 storystarter cards and some blank "make your owns:. There are rules to keep the game fun and friendly. A helpful tool kit card for parents guide you in being the keeper of the rules, story, and process heelping you to understand the deeper, powerful layers inherent in the wonderful activity of making up stories together. Check it out at www.passaroundthemagic.com and www.amazon.com
—Guest Dafna

Pass a story around

We start by each writing a few sentences to start a story on a piece of paper. Then, we pass the paper around, write a few more sentences, and pass it again. This is a really fun game to play, and the results can be hilarious!
—Guest wingch

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What Do You Do When There's Nothing to Do?

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