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Readers Respond: What's the Best Present Your Child Ever Received?

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From the article: Holiday Survival Kit
Finding the perfect gift for a child with special needs can be a challenge, especially when developmental differences or offbeat interests make the standard popular playthings inappropriate. Have you ever just struck the right, magical thing that fills your child with delight? Share your inspiration.

Promise of Adoption

We adopted a boy from foster care, who was eight at the time. Around Christmas, we got the go-ahead to change his birth certificate to our place of residence. It was then that he knew the adoption would go through.
—Guest HS

Duct Tape

My son loves duct tape. He goes through rolls and rolls of it building race tracks and buildings, then tearing them down and starting over. He's actually very creative with it. People look at me a little strangely when I buy 10 rolls at Christmas time, but it is one of his favorite gifts.

Best Gift My Child Was Ever Given

When my daughter (now 16) was 3, Grandma gave her a Sit-N-Spin. She LOVED it. She stopped stimming (autistic?Mild MR) and would spin for hours! We went thru FOUR of these things in three years she'd spin so much! She could spin for an entire hour at a time, get up and walk away. No dizziness, nothing. But it calmed her, stopped stimming, and she would giggle. She was never a giggler. :) Susan

Monkey bars for our "monkey"

Our 6 yr. old has FAS and very ADHD. Grandma bought her a dome of monkey bars ("Eezy Peezy Monkey bars w/top" in lime green from One Step Ahead) which is in her room. Two old bean bags line the floor. Great way for her to get her energy out am to pm, especially when you can't be outside due to weather, etc. Its the best!
—Guest Lisa

Salad Spinner

My son has always been drawn to things that spin. While visiting a relative when he was a toddler, we found a plastic salad spinner in the cupboard that kept him happy for extended periods. The next christmas the spinner showed up in our mail--and he still has it today at 13 years old! Simple, inexpensive and provides some OT for the hands.

strengthening the weakness @ christmas

My kids all take OT/PT therapy weekly. Seeing that specially equipped gym set us thinking how to add fun and help their muscles at Christmas. Dad designed stilts for the different size kids and an oversized balance board with safety modifications. He added cargo netting to the tree house for climbing. The kids love it all. He is thinking of a 'zip-line' next....let you know how he manages that one.
—Guest hopernch


One of the gifts my son likes best is a large cardboard box filled with helium balloons...when he tears off the top (no lid) the balloons float up. Balloons aren't a common Christmas item, so no long line to pick them up at the party store!!
—Guest Cathy

Ice Cream & Movie Tickets

I know for our son, Ben, who has little interest in toys, finding presents for him to open during the holidays is a challenge. The little voice in my head keeps saying, “What will Ben open? What will Ben get excited about?” Changed our expectations of Ben being excited about gifts helped quite a bit. Some of the best gifts for Ben are movie passes and gift cards for ice cream. These types of gifts also can become a one-on-one time with Mom or Dad, which extends can be extra special too.

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