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Parents of children with special education often gripe about IEPs and swap tales of clueless educators, but there's another side of the story -- the teacher who goes the extra mile, the therapist who works miracles, the IEP meeting where everybody's out for the child's best interest. Let this be the place to let those successes shine. If you've used this page to give a testimonial to a teacher, let that educator know with a certificate of appreciation. Tell Your Story

Blessed beyond measure!

I run a non-profit for parents of children with special needs, so I hear many school complaints from across the country. But my experience has been vastly different. I have 2 children with special needs. One has severe hemophilia & anxiety disorder. The other child has severe ADHD, SPD, social deficits, asthma & allergies that prevent her from taking meds for all of it. Without the excellent school staff we have had at both our grade school and intermediate school, we would be lost. From the administrators, to the special ed staff, health room nurses and regular instructors, everyone has worked as a team with us on our kids' education and social well-being. I feel that we have actually lived the model of what best-practices and human compassion should look like in caring for our remarkable children.
—Guest Barb D

Dear Teacher Laura:

Thank you for teaching and working with my son and all the children. You have been a very supportive, passionate and loving teacher. My son constantly talks about you and he always has a happy face when he does so. I know it is in his best interest to move on, but we will definitely miss you. Thank You very much for being such a cool teacher :)
—Guest Susana

Mrs. D

To make a long and painful story short: we pulled my young son with Asperger's Syndrome out of the public school system when he began to talk about not wanting to live anymore. When I told his then-teacher how he was feeling, she essentially shrugged her shoulders. This year, with the help of a new school and a great teacher (Mrs. D) my son looks at life with the enthusiasm that every child should. Sure, there are still lots of things he'd rather not have to do, but underneath it all he knows he is a good kid, a valuable human being, a worthy student -- not a problem, a pest, or a nuisance. Something that really good teachers may not realize, is that when they embrace, work to understand, and truly value a special needs child, they are making a profound impact not only on that child but an entire family. This year Mrs. D guided my son from the darkness to the light, in a way only a teacher can. Thank you!
—Guest Caitlin

You're Special

Thank you to three really special teachers. Joey McHal, Jaco Bruwer and Amorei Daniels. For all your efforts and attention given to the children of Boland School for Autism here in South Africa. There are people who care and then there are people like you who only want the best for our special needs children. My son has changed and is understood where as before it was hell. I thank you as do all the parents from the school for your dedicated love that you all have bestowed on our children. Thank you does not seem to say enough.
—Guest Natasha Ontong


I want to praise five teachers this year from Cypress Middle School, they are Mr. Finch, Mr. Rigney, Ms. Peterson, Mr D'Agostino, and Mr. Roan. You have all made a big impact on my son this year, I will be forever grateful for all you have done for us this year. I know it has been challenging, and I thank each and every one of you for your commitment to my son's success. Our family truly appreciates all of you. THANK YOU!!!!! Teal Besing
—Guest Teal Besing

Thank you Mrs. Dias and Hamilton School

While it is true that it takes a village to raise a child, in the case of a child with special needs it takes even more than a village. It takes a caring, supportive, motivated (I could go on and on) group of teachers, therapists and paraprofessionals. My daughter has been lucky enough to have found that at Hamilton School in South Weymouth, MA. A very special thank you to Mrs. Dias, my daughter's first grade teacher, who has been instrumental in my daughter's success this school year. During an IEP meeting after Mrs. Dias had finished her piece she was asked by the Team Chair if she would like to return to her classroom. She said no, that she would like to stay in the meeting. While it may seem like a small gesture to some, this spoke volumes to me about her character and interest in her students of all abilities. Thank you so much! You truly have made a huge difference in our lives.
—Guest Michelle Quinn

Michael's Mum

I've been reading the horror stories of school teachers dreadful behaviour. By the way, they like to call themselves 'Educators' now. I dont like that term because it implies success where as the jury is still out on that one. My son Michael who has Kernicterus (brain and organ damage caused by untreated post birth yellow jaundice) has been attending a Montessori Pre-|School and has just been accepted for the Montessori primary school. They have done wonders for him and this form of education is ideal for him and would be an option well worth considering for other special needs children. It has brought him on in leaps and bounds and he has a sense of self worth and ability that i think he would lack in an ordinary School. They foster a caring and tolerant attitude amongst the pupils, so they other children whilest realizing his differences just see him as Michael not that stupid kid who walks funny,cant speak properly and whose hands dont work (his fine motor control is very poor).

Thanks, Mrs. Heeley and Mrs. Foley!

Mrs. Heeley, I'm going to cry when you leave our school, because you have been so wonderful for my daughter! I'm impressed with how you can maintain order without raising your voice, and how even when a child must be disciplined, they are not excluded. You have always been accessible and thoughtful and watchful and kind, and I cannot say how much it means to me. Mrs. Foley, I'm truly grateful for your calm, quiet presence in my daughter's classroom. The way the kids look at you says they are all fond of you, and I know that particularly when there's a substitute teacher, you've made a big difference for my daughter. I hope you'll be around for many more years! Much love and appreciation to both of you!

Thank you Mrs. Chisnell & Mrs. Benedict

Our daughter Sasha is having a great year at school. Transition from one grade to the next is never easy for an autistic child. But despite all the challenges, Mrs. Chisnell and Mrs. Benedict have been helping Sasha to learn so many new skills. I wish for more teachers like this team at Woodford Elementary.
—Guest Sasha's parents

Thank Heaven for Ms. Hodge!

We are so thankful for Audrianna's new teacher, Ms. Hodge. Things have been wonderful since she has taken over the classroom. Words cannot describe how happy this makes me as well as Audrianna.
—Guest Janis Williams

Gratitude for Mr. Kelly and Mrs. H.D.

My son is having his very best school year ever! I am so grateful that Mr. Kelly can see, appreciate, enjoy and encourage his creativity, and speak with glowing voice about how cool my son is. There are still things to work on, but it's matter-of-fact, and it feels like I'm actually welcome. I can't say what a treasure that is! This is my daughter's first year at school. Despite her communication issues and being slow to warm up, she's making friends, and is excitedly discovering that letters make words. I am so thrilled! And I have never, as an adult, met a teacher who seems to genuinely care for and about me, until Mrs. H.D. After so much trouble for my son's first school years, I don't think I could even hope that the education experience could be like it's been this year. I feel that my kids are receiving caring support, and they are thriving with the positive interaction. Thank you both!
—Guest sylrayj

Halos for Jowonio !

We've adopted two special needs children who both attended the Jowonio school. They were surrounded by so much love and individual attention that they have simply bloomed! To have a staff surround your child and continually ask 'what should we try now?" "what will motivate/work for this child" and always being ready to try new ideas to help the child. These past few years of preschool have been a slice of heaven on Earth! Thanks Emily, Jen, Janel, Maddy, Chris, Fran, Pam, Jed, Kristen, Lori and Audrey!!!
—Guest djwall

special teacher

My daughter, Grace has Down Syndrome and she had the BEST speech teacher this year. Karen Gonterman goes above and beyond... Thank you Karen...
—Guest Beth Loeffler

You were an answer to my prayers...

Denise, I prayed and prayed that a teacher would understand him and God finally put you in our lives and I am so thankful! You are the best teacher he has ever had and this is the best year he has ever had! I don't think I ever had a morning where I couldn't get him out the door. Homework was actually pleasant and not pure torture as it has been in many previous years. I can definitely say there was less stress in my life this school year. Thank you for being flexible when he couldn't be and thank you for being you! And I thank God for you.... We will miss you as he goes onto 7th grade (Ok, 'maybe' he won't miss you, "You're a teacher") LOL. :-) Patty
—Guest Patty S.

special teacher

my son has autism. He has had the greatest year ever with the teacher that he has. Mrs. joy has been fantastic she is kind and loving. This is the first year he has wanted to go not only is he learning but is very happy. Thank you mrs. joy He is now in the third grade he is learning and happy to go.
—Guest karen buell

ECFE at its best

When our child was in Early childhood programs and preparing to move to Kindergarten, his teacher gave us the information needed to get him into the correct school in our district. She knew him best and fought the district on where they wanted to place him. She would call us to give us a heads up, and stood up for us in the IEP meetings. She continues now to provide resources she finds to our family even though my son is in First grade and she is in a different school.
—Guest B. Ploen

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