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Readers Respond: How Do You Prepare for an IEP Meeting?

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IEP meetings are your annual opportunity to do battle for your child's education and be battered by experts with thick reports and big words. How do you prepare to make your best contribution to the proceedings and make them as productive as possible?

Preparing for an IEP Meeting

First, I request copies of all draft documents Team will present to me at Meeting, including draft goals and objectives, to be received 5 days prior to meeting date. From their notes I formulate my own "Parent topics/concerns" and forward a copy to team members as soon as possible. I include any "programs" that would be appropriate for my son to suceed. During your IEP Meeting remember to submit your handouts (parents concerns, etc.) and state "For the record I would like my concerns attached to the IEP". Always remember that IEP Meetings are BUSINESS MEETINGS and should not be run on parent emotions, prepare to be one of the players, keep a calm attitude and PRAY your team understands your childs disability and are willing to listen and think outside the box. GOOD LUCK
—Guest momofautism

In a nut shell...

Read the school's policies for inclusion, read the school district policies for inclusion, read the state and federal laws, research similar stories and cases online to see if you can draw positive outcomes from them, come prepared with talking points, bring someone with you to not feel intimidated by the IEP team facing you, bring your child, or photos of your child, bring a list of things your child is good at to show the IEP folks where your child has succeeded in the past, be positive and don't give up in your desire to include your child into regular education if that is your goal. Also, don't forget to bring copies of medical and psychological test done on your child to support your talking points. Finally, remember the cause you are fighting for - your child's short and long term happiness - if you were your child, what would you like as an outcome or outcomes from that meeting?

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