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Readers Respond: What Do You Bring to Amuse Kids When You Travel?

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A long car trip, an endless plane flight, a hard seat in a waiting room -- when you're traveling with kids, those places can mean meltdown and whining if you don't think ahead and plan for boredom. What's in your travel bag of tricks? Share your games and schemes here.

The journey of a trip with a child w/SPD

The only thing that seems to work for us is to have one parent in the back seat with our SPD kiddo when we drive! We made up a song for the stops at lights, (which by the way are the worst!), that goes like this: Yellow Light, Yellow Light, makes us slow! Red Light, Red Light, makes us stop! Yeah, Green Light, Green Light makes us go! We're going now, going now, clap, clap, clap! I know it sounds goofy but it takes him out of the moment and makes him forget that its a bad thing to stop. Along the way we search for things that we know he likes and make up songs for those too. Debbie @ http://lucasjourneyspd.blogspot.com/

10 min. ride or 10 hour ride...

My 7 yr. old daughter has FAS. On any trip, we have NEW coloring books, NEW twistables, and loads of stickers (she just loves to stick them in a composition notebook). Our greatest item is the DVD player we had installed. (We used to have a portable one to plug into the cigarette lighter - which works, too!) Movies REALLY help pass the time away and they keep her easily amused.
—Guest Lisa W.

Car trips

I have an FAS son. He drives me NUTS because he talks constantly. Short trips are one thing but longer ones make me want to scream! I started taking audio books from the library and he stopped talking to listen! I choose things he will enjoy and I can tolerate. It's had a side benefit. When we used to be stuck in the car a lot, I always had audio books going. His reading comprehension went from low first grade to middle fourth grade in a matter of months!
—Guest Jane V.

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