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Readers Respond: Tribute to Mothers of Children With Special Needs

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From the article: Mom Moments
Do you know a mother or grandmother of a child with special needs who deserves a tribute? Let everyone know what an inspiration she is by telling what's great about her here. Speak up for special mothers!

Tribute to mothers

This is about a mom who spent a lot of her time with her daughter who was born premature weighing 4 pounds 10 ounces. Took 3 or 4 hours to finish her bottle of milk, kept her warm. Had to go home without her baby girl because of an underweight baby. She was sad not to be able to take her baby with her like the other mothers, crying. A month after the baby was born, she was able to take her beautiful baby girl with her to home. This baby already is a mom of her own, of three beautiful children! They are the grandchildren of the mom whose baby is an adult already.
—Guest maria cortez

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