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Readers Respond: What's the Worst Gift Your Child Ever Received?

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Letter Book

My worst gift that I got when I was a kid was a book that taught me how to write letters. I was 10 yrs. old at the time. I just gave it away to one of my 'friends' who was 3.
—Guest Lu

What were they thinking

Gift mine, age 10, a 'Popeye' foam thing with holes in the back to stick your fingers in to squinch it around like a bad puppet. Said for ages 3-6 years, and I was in advanced placement schooling... THAT happened to be the gift I got to open (pick just one) before 5 hour car trip with rest of gifts packed to go to relative's to celebrate 'real' with them, and they of course didn't wait for us to arrive. I'm supposed to amuse myself with this on a car trip to a place I didn't want to go? I left it home, and my 'good stuff' got busted by cousins before we left too late that night for a long car ride home. So that's what I had left...
—Guest name withheld....

House Bunny

My 6 year old daughter got "The House Bunny" staring Anna Faris. The Uncle, let's call him 'Bob', Bob looked at the cover, sees sweet Playboy Bunny, and thinks it's a kid's program. I guess the PG-13 rating must have escaped his keen eye. The gentlemen at the video store was nice enough to exchange it for Bugs...still a bunny, but I will not have to answer any questions about Playboy Bunnies, and what they do for a living (a-hem, not that there's anything wrong with it)...
—Guest Phil

Be careful wrapping

A few years ago, my baby cousin wanted a puppy. He begged his dad for years and finally one christmas that dad caved and went to give his son a puppy for christmas. Christmas morning the dad put the dog in a big box and wrapped it. When his son came down he was very excited (as ever kid is one christmas) but had a stomach virus. So when time came to go upstairs he started getting sick and it took much longer to get down to the tree. when he opened the preset. The dog wasnt moving. The wrapping paper my uncle used was plastic and ended up suffacating the dog. My cousin cried for hours and didn't open another present till after dinner.
—Guest Brian

Summer in Winterland

My mother has always gave really bad gifts. I think she inherited this from my Nana (who gave my baby sisters used lipstick one year and a weird ugly hat with scarf attached). So, my son was very excited at the large box my mom gave him. He ripped the paper off...and his face fell. Literally. It was water toys for summer. Some had the "sale" sticker on them. He did thank her in a tiny voice. By the time summer rolled around, mostly all of them had been lost or used for something else. My daughter had been begging for a trampoline, so my mom said she got her one. I went and got a net for it and had her open that first. My girl was squealing...until my mom handed her a used "personal" trampoline. I think I should've asked for more info from mom. *sigh*
—Guest wendy


The worst gift my son ever received for Christmas is a raspberry candy cane. he hates raspberries.
—Guest HS

Worst gift my child ever received

My son once got a used jock strap that my aunt bought at a yard sale for Christmas!
—Guest Sandy S


One christmas, maybe three or four years ago, my daughter (6 yrs old) was at a loss for what to give her uncle, my brother. She decided that a really great gift would be a bag of kisses so that if he ever felt sad and didn't have anyone to give him a kiss, he would have is very own portable bag of smooches. My daughter promptly blew up a plastic bag and wrapped it n a box. It was so sweet and caring, my heart totally melted. then the bag popped in the car so when my brother opened it, it was an empty plastic bag. i bet he loved that christmas.
—Guest kami.gould

A doll that cried Mama

My daughter was three when a friend gave her a doll that cried Mama, well every time the doll cried Mama my daughter would cry hysterically she was terrified of that doll. I put it away and gave it to her 6 months later, same reaction. I gave the doll away.

Son's worst gift

My 10 yr old son got 2 puzzle magazines from his aunt and grandmother (from my husband's side of the family). They were both several yrs old & all the puzzles were already filled in. What a mean thing to do to a child at Christmas. I was then left to explain why that happened. This kind of behavior is what I have learned to expect from my inlaws.
—Guest Marie

oh my gosh

one year my child loved barbies so i knew something one person was going to give her but my husband did not so on christmas day she opened up the gift and it was the thing i knew one person gave her and she was mad
—Guest guest polly34ping

Whistle while you wish

Several years ago, my uncle-in-law received a gift where he could whistle to locate his car keys that were forever misplaced. When he opened the gift, he broke out into a fit of laughter, stating that he did not know how to whistle. (gift fail).
—Guest TonnieLoree

Phone without a jack

When I was in 5th grade I begged my parents for a phone of my own (in the 1980s, before everyone had a cell phone).... they gave me a phone for my bedroom that Christmas, then told me that my bedroom did not have a phone jack in it (and it was going to stay that way) so I could not actually use the phone. It went from being the best to worst gift ever in a matter of minutes!
—Guest Kris

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