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Readers Respond: What's the Worst Gift Your Child Ever Received?

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From the article: Holiday Survival Kit
Often gifts that are big hits with typically developing kids are all kinds of wrong for kids with special needs. The toy with too high a development level, too high a volume, too scratchy a texture, too clueless an intent ... what's the worst gift ever given your child? Let us learn from somebody's mistake.

Hearing Impaired...

This isn't to my own child, but actually happened to me when I was about 8. I'm hearing impared. I wear a hearing aid, sometimes both if I feel like it, but at least one at all times. My grandfather bought headphones, the kind with the earbuds. I could not wear them and my hearing aid at the same time. :-(.
—Guest Matthew

Worst gift ever

My husband has a congenital eye paralysis in his left eye, which doesn't effect his vision. Instead, it effects his ability to see in dimension. A few years ago (mind you-he's in his 40's), his sister gave him a book of Magic Eye Images. He thanked her, then later donated the book to charity as he will never be able to see the images, EVER, due to his eye paralysis. It was such a blatant mistake, he was left wondering if it was actually a passive aggressive action on his sister's part. The lesson of the day: if your child has a disability, think about how that toy/object will be used by the recipient, and if the child will be able to enjoy it. Otherwise you are just wasting your money.
—Guest debfjeld

Nephew didn't hide his feelings

My story is more of a lesson about just sticking the list. My 5 year old nephew last year was all into Star Wars, especially Lego Star Wars. I knew everyone was getting him something under that category. So I decided to get him something different. Because he likes to build things and is very mechanical, I got him this gears set. You put the gears together and then turn this knob and see all your gears turn. Cool right? When it was time to open his presents, my present was one of the first boxes he grabbed. He asked me, "Is it Lego Star Wars?" I said, "No...." He frowned and put it aside and ended up opening it last. The kid cracks me up. I should have bought him something he wanted instead of something I wanted him to have.
—Guest Auntie

the good old days

When I was 19, I was handed a gift bag from my grandfather. He told me he got me something "all the kids have." I opened up the bag, and found a furbie.
—Guest lalala


i was 21 and i had no kids and i got stuffed animal making set. the age said 'ages 01-3 not meant for adults' i am serious it actully said that y dad?y? really
—Guest hi


i was 21, no kids, and i got a thomas the train tunnel!
—Guest yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyooyoyo

Eat Your Veggies

My daughter loves vegetables. Target had canned vegetables on sale for 45 cents/can before Christmas. I told my Mom if she ever saw incredible deals to get some some veggies (and I'd pay her back). For Christmas, she gave my daughter a plastic tub filled with at least 30 cans of mixed veggies, corn, green beans, etc. Watch out what you ask for -- some folks are hard of hearing.
—Guest angcoupons@aol.com

Roller Skates

When I was about 10 or 11 everyone was going to the roller rink on Friday & Saturday nights and having a blast roller skating. Everyone would talk about how much fun they had back at school on Monday. I begged my Mom and Dad for roller skates so I could go & have fun with the rest of my classmates. When I received was a pair of those cheap skates you stick on the bottom of your shoes. The problem was they don't stay on your shoes for very long and you can't use them at the roller rink because the metal wheels destroy the floor. My mom had told me they'd gotten me skates so I literally cried when I opened the box and saw what she meant.
—Guest Lisa


My 3 yr old daughter received a child's apron and a coloring book (no crayons) for Christmas and all her 3 boy cousins received large Tonka trucks and Lego brick sets from their grandmother for Christmas. My daughter just looked at me and started crying. It was so obvious that her gift was so little compared to the big gifts her cousin got that even a 3 yr old could see the difference. I wish my mother in law would have asked me to bring something from home for her to open.
—Guest Guest SN

Worst Gift Ever

Crabs. My inlaws brought me back hermit crabs from a vacation.
—Guest A200

Don't give something better to siblings

One Christmas I was thrilled to see the presents my brother received from our aunty and uncle. A cap gun, a pop gun, and a gun which shoots those arrows with suction caps on the end. I thought great! I am older and better and surely I'm going to get something to make a war out of this...! I was handed a yo-yo.
—Guest Jacob

worst gift ever!1

well i was about 5 years old and for Christmas i got a toothbrush even know i had tons of toothbrushes!! it was horible!!!:(
—Guest kaity

my sisters toy :(

2 yrs. ago i came out to visit my dad and 2 sisters for Christmas when i got there i was about 2 in the morning and the tree was filled with gifts.my sisters were asleep and i called everyone down stairs when i saw the biggest gift with my name on it i started ripping off the paper and i saw it was a big box with a small phone init when my dad saw it was`nt for me i started to get mad ohh well at the time i had a nice blackberry and they got those razer phones haha suckers
—Guest taco`s rule!

what a bath!!

The worst gift my child ever received was a large set of bath crayons and bath gel shaped like crayons. She is only 3 years old and what a mess they make, and they drip after the child is out of the bath for a lovely continuous mess.
—Guest Kelly


After being tortured during childhood, as an adult I gave her 4 year old son Chris a "tin drum" full of candy with drum sticks....he loved it and after filling up on candy, he proceeded to bang on it for days....even better, any attempt to take it away resulted in him pitching a fit....lasted for weeks......revenge is a dish best served up cold
—Guest gravy

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