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Readers Respond: Why Did You Seek a 504 Plan for Your Child?

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From the article: What Is a 504 Plan?
A 504 plan is intended to make education accessible to students with disabilities. If your child has one, please share with other parents why you got it, and what criteria were used to determine that your child was eligible. Your story can help those who are just getting started with this process.


My son has ADHD and asthma. he was attending High School and was sent home from school by the nurse many times due to his asthma. His grades were suffering at that time due to work being turned in late and poor attendance due to being sent home all of the time. Many teachers stated they were unaware that he even had asthma. I scheduled a meeting with his counselor, his teachers and the school psychologist because I was concerned about his grades and how often the nurse was sending him home. At that time I requested that a 504 plan be put in place for my son. The school psychologist and the counselor both recommended my son go to an independent study school. Being told this by both of them, I thought it must be the best for my son, since both of these people, I would hope, have extensive knowledge of the education system. Looking back on it, I am curious why other steps weren’t taken before such a drastic change was suggested.

504 experience

My son was diagnosed with ADHD and mood disorder. He is very intelligent. I did not realize he needed a 504. He had a therapist, home health counselor, case manager, and also spoke with a psychiatrist. It was brought to my attention that he needed a 504. I had no problems getting it. We noticed things that needed to be modified and we meet each month to make the appropriate changes. The 504 was no problem, but now due to budget cuts the school district is not enforcing all parts of the 504.

Document, Pursue and Advocate

My child has encorpresis, a unique body complex disorder, which cause involuntary bowel movements without knowledge. This disorder is psychological, enviromental, behavioral, and emotional. Recently diagnosed with mild ADHD. From Grade K to Grade 1, I had to constantly documents everything imagineable. I documented conversations, doctor appts., requirements, sent certified letters and confirmation emails to the schools and school board. I kept a copy of all conference notes, my child work, agenda or weekly sheets and etc. It was clear that my request was being ignored and that my daughter was in a critical position that could have a negative effect on her recovery. I saw a retired Principal and I will never forget her words "Dont Be Afraid to Advocate For Your Child!" I did not give up. Due to weight of evidence I knew they would have no choice but to sign my child up. She has a 504 Plan now and I am still documenting to ensure they stay on task or I will file violation.
—Guest Paper Queen

I'm my child's best judge

I have been fighting with my son’s school for months about putting a 504 in place for him. He is diagnosed ADHD and ODD he is on Focalin which seems to work well for him for the most part, but he lacks the confidence to get going and needs constant redirection and at times when he becomes very upset can become physical with himself or others. With a lot of help from his kindergarten teacher she suggested 14 different accommodations for him for first grade. While the school’s special needs resources were trying to say he did not need a 504 plan! 14 accommodations are a lot, I had to bring in his therapist. We have worked very hard to get him to where he is now stable and able to follow directions. And for them to try and tell me because he isn’t "falling" behind he doesn’t need one is absurd. When in fact his teacher said his writing isn’t up to kindergarten level due to the lack of confidence and attention. Fight for your child and there rights to be treated fairly and get a good education. You are your child's best judge and advocate!
—Guest Brittani

504 plan

My son was going to Jenny Smith and was given a compleate audiologic eval where I was told he had a mild hearing loss in the right ear. We were recommended that he recieve a FM system and put in the front of this classroom. We were told at the time we found out because he didn't have failing grades he was not going to recive it. I was asking from that point forward til my voice was heard at Brookside Elmentry where they felt that it was not the lack of bad grades that was the reason but the fact that he could not focus due to the background noise that he was hearing over his teacher. It has been a very long and hard process but never give up on your child. You are their voice thank you for listening to our story
—Guest Jennifer

Sleepless nights

As a parent you can only do so much. There is times when you have just tried everything and homeworks are still not finished. Having to have a teacher talk to you every single day about an issue with your child and you are really trying to do as much as you can. You feel like the worst parent in the world. These are reasons to look into getting a 504 plan.
—Guest Eileen

Why my son is on 504

My son failed school last year with all F grades. I knew he had trouble concentrating because I home schooled to a certain point. I had him on Concerta for ADD I placed into a JR High which he grades were barely passing, when he hit HS he got all F scores. His Meds started making him aggressive. He started whispering to himself. Praying constantly that G-d for give him for every little thing that was not something that needs forgiving. He also made strange noises. I took him to a psychiatrist. He was diagnosed as Schizoid Effective, mood disorders, Tourrete Syndrome because he started shouting out words like "I wont cuss" "I'm OK" because he does not want to cuss, he started hitting his thighs leaving bad bruises and then punching his face to stop the thoughts. His head was so full of thoughts that he could not think.
—Guest Patty

not fair

My daughter is in the drama club at school. she could not attend an after school function w/drama club at school b/c they did not have a licensed nurse available. she could not participate unless I was there. I have to work! As a mom, you know I miss a lot of work already! This is so wrong for her.
—Guest darlene hughes

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